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Jar Challenge ideas by subject.

Random Number Service - You can put any range of numbers in the field. The site has a die roller too as well as other generators.

  1. Married: Sim has an affair
  2. Get divorced
  3. Move in a friend, then have an affair with the friend.
  4. CHILDREN: Have adult sims make out in front of their kids.
  5. Adult: Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, clothes, cars
  6. Sim has to live with at least 2 lovers in the same house and have a child with each.
  7. Get abducted by aliens.
  8. Hands off for one sim day (only give directions if their plumbob turns red or one level before red)
  9. Get kids into private school.
  10. Try to have a bad visit with the headmaster. - Feed him burnt or bad food, have a dirty house, homework on the floor, irritate him, prank him.
  11. Male Adult: Delete all toilets and put in a shrub. -
  12. Get caught cheating. (and again)
  13. Marry (your) landlord.
  14. Infants: Adopt an infant everyday for 5 days in a row. (move sims out if needed) (Extreme: 7 days)
  15. Have at least three nanny's on lot at all time to care for babies. Avoid having playable sims care for babies. If they auto care for babies without any intervention on your part, that's OK. Goal is to try to keep them from caring for the babies. Duration: 1 week.
  16. Create Ugly offspring. 1,
  17. NANNY: Don't pay the Nanny. *****
  18. Toddler: Train a toddler in all skills (potty, walk, talk, nursery rhyme)
  19. Max out a skill. (creativity, logic, charisma...)
  20. Grow up Bad.
  21. Drink red Smart Milk.
  22. Drink spoiled milk.
  23. Dance by self or with family members.
  24. Ask for attention from a townie, NPC, or other non house hold member.
  25. Eat pet food. (PETS)
  26. Eat sand. (BV)
  27. Sleep in pet bed.
  28. Play in water.
  29. Play with toy bench (workbench) items. (OFB)
  30. Child: play on playground equipment (AL)
  31. get into private school.
  32. have a child show off
  33. play on a pirate ship
  34. build a sandcastle (beach lot - home, vacation, or community lot)
  35. build a snowman
  36. sell lemonade
  37. fly a kite
  38. play with a paper airplane
  39. play with... clown in the box,
  40. Teen: Move in a townie kid or teen (cheat needed)
  41. Sneak out with a friend. (let them get caught and not get caught)
  42. Teen Runs away. (call police or don't call police)
  43. Go steady with another teen. Then cheat on that sim in a way that your caught.
  44. Get a job and NEVER go to work.
  45. Get teens into private school then never go to school. (Can you get kicked out of private school?)
  46. Go on a date
  47. No school/work for 3 days (exception children at risk of SW visit)
  48. Go to UNI
  49. Family: Have family dance together.
  50. Go on vacation together.
  51. Open a family business. -
  52. Eat together.
  53. Have a sim grow up on the beach.
  54. Everyone sleep at the same time.
  55. Food: Watch your sim eat burnt food.
  56. Eat only from the buffet table for a week (more or less).
  57. Eat only take-out for a week (more or less).
  58. Feed pet from your plate. (Pets)
  59. Drink water from wishing well or faucet instead of eating food. x1 day (Season)
  60. Serve a holiday feast for the whole family. Try to have everyone eating at the same time. (Holiday Pack)
  61. Cook Santa cookies and hope Santa will visit your house. (Holiday Pack)
  62. Sim skips out on bill. (NL)
  63. Try to get a waitress to dump food or water on you. (OFB)
  64. Party/Outings: Have the a party (roof raiser, average party, worst party...)
  65. Have a theme party. (sports, pool, birthday, wedding, ..)
  66. Throw a Happy New Years Eve party. (Holiday Pack)
  67. Have a fancy birthday party.
  68. Have a fancy wedding celebration.
  69. Have a party while on vacation. (BV)
  70. Send sims on an outing.(repeat for the different levels of outings) (NL)
  71. Death/Ghosts: Kick tombstones. Try to make ghosts mad.
  72. Break an Urn
  73. Kill a sim by drowning (blue) and keep the tombstone on the lot for 1-2 weeks.
  74. Collect one of each type of Ghost (all on one residential lot)
  75. Death by cow plant. (random sim or controllable) (UNI)
  76. Death by electric. (yellow) Make an electric storm with the weather machine. (Season)
  77. Death by fright. (run with scissors, play with evil clown in a box.)
  78. Death by satelight.
  79. Death by illness. (green )
  80. Death by old age. (white)
  81. Death by hunger. (transparent)
  82. Death by fire. (red)
  83. Death by flies.
  84. Stage a death while on vacation. (BV)
  85. Death by Wishing Well (bad wish for money)
  86. Death by woohoo.
  87. Death by hailstorm. (Make a hail storm with the weather machine.) (Season)
  88. Death by evil kite. (OFB)
  89. Have a sim pass out from heat stroke. (Extreme: die from heat stroke) (Season)
  90. Have a sim freeze. (Extreme: Freeze to death) [I'm not sure if this is possible] (Season)
  91. SNAP DRAGONS: Put green snapdragons at the foot of every bed. Continue for one week or until a sim dies. (OFB)
  92. SIM Creatures: Create a grilled cheese sim.
  93. Create an Alien
  94. Natural Alien Abduction. (wait for it to happen randomly).
  95. Create a Zombie (Uni)
  96. Create a Vampire.
  97. Watch a Vampire as they shop. ***
  98. Activate a servo. (OFB)
  99. Build an army of servo's. (OFB)
  100. Make a servo run amok. (OFB)
  101. Send a servo to soak in a hot tub, play in water wiggle, swim in pool, or take a bath. [extreme: send servo to do all of those] (OFB)
  102. Send a servo to log roll. (OFB & BV)
  103. Become a werewolf. (Pets)
  104. Become a plantsim (seasons) (Detailed shots of sim to plantsim.)
  105. Create a Zombie Plantsim. (seasons & uni)
  106. VOODOO DOLL: Use on Witch Doctor, Bigfoot, and/or Wise Old Man. (BV)
  107. Use Voodoo Doll on Reporter (OFB), Garden Club, love interest, ....
  108. BIGFOOT gives someone a bear hug. (BV)
  109. Watch Bigfoot when he comes home from work. (BV)
  110. Ask Bigfoot to move in. (BV)
  111. Play Bigfoot until he is an elder. (BV)
  112. Create a Zombie Bigfoot (if possible). (BV)
  113. Create a Vampire Bigfoot (if possible). (BV)
  114. Pick a fight with Bigfoot. (BV)
  115. WITCH: Become a good witch. (AL)
  116. Become a bad witch (AL)
  117. For witches: Use Corpus Fleshicus on all other house members (AL)
  118. For witches: Use Magus Mutatio on another sim (AL)
  119. For witches: Use Tabula Rasa on the oldest household member
    Cure the entire household of supernatural effects by buying potions from witch.
  120. Activities: How many hidden bunnies, Llamas, or plumbobs can you find in the game? (on objects)
  121. Move to a new house.
  122. Delete all skill building items on the lot or learn skills using ways that don't require objects.
  123. Delete all career rewards or put them in a sims backpack.
  124. Pick a sim in the house to be enemies with all other sims in the house.
  125. Play catch with another sim.
  126. Spend the week influencing others to do things. (UNI)
  127. Have your sim use PERFUME. (NL)
  128. Have a smelly sim wear PERFUME. (NL)
  129. Visit a a downtown lots that you have never been to (or rarely visit). (NL)
  130. Pick turn on/offs that you wouldn't normally pick.(NL)
  131. Try to get a sim to plummet in an elevator. (OFB)
  132. Create a custom painting. (Pets)
  133. Water Balloon Fight.
  134. Get into the Garden Club. (Seasons) (2nd, 3rd,)
  135. Get rejected for the Garden Club. (Season)
  136. Add soap to any fountain while the garden club is visiting. (seasons)
  137. Earn a wishing well from the Garden Club. (Season)
  138. Neglect all plants for a day, 3 days, or a week. (Season)
  139. Try to get a few bad wishes from the wishing well. (Season)
  140. Wish for wealth until your sim gets a bad wish. (Season)
  141. Live on the lawn for a week except for a 2x2 bathroom. [Extreme, no structure] (Season)
  142. Dress your sims for the wrong season. (Season)
  143. Hide fish and see if the penguin can find them.
  144. Set off lots of fireworks. (wall crackers, floor fireworks and sparklers) (Holiday Pack)
  145. Pet a reindeer (Holiday Pack)
  146. Turn on Christmas tree lights and leave them on. (Holiday Pack) *****
  147. Put in a Mistletoe. Kiss as many people as you can under the mistletoe. (Holiday Pack)
  148. Dress up as Santa and/or Mrs. Claus. Kids dressed as elves. Leave them dressed that way until you return to them on the next round (prosperity style play). (Holiday Pack)
  149. Get a sunburn.
  150. Ask someone to take a snapshot. (take bad pictures)
  151. Add soap to the monkey ruins fountain (aka Temple of Jumbok IV). (BV)
  152. Get chased by bees. (BV)
  153. Watch your sim as he hunts for shells. (BV)
  154. Watch your sim as he explores the pirate ship. (BV)
  155. Give someone a massage. (BV)
  156. Get a massage. (BV)
  157. Learn to Hula Dance. (BV)
  158. Learn to Fire Dance. (BV)
  159. Learn to Slap Dance. (BV)
  160. Learn to Teleport. (BV)
  161. Sing with the Pirate. (BV)
  162. Call and invite a tourist, local, or BV NPC to your home for a 3 day visit. (BV)
  163. Earn all 10 hobby plaques (FT)
  164. Write a novel
  165. Fulfill a Lifetime Want for your secondary aspiration
  166. Hire a butler (AL)
  167. Have a bad reputation (AL)
  168. Play without need boosts for one week. No energizer, snapdragons, fruit juicer drink.... (OFB)
  169. Have the biggest house fire that you can manage.
  170. Have adult sim have affair in front another sim (or their kids). Have the sim who witnessed the affair GOSSIP with the sims spouse. {Long time ago I read that a sim could learn about an affair through gossip. I've tried this but have never got it to work.}
  171. Visit a community lot and pick a fight with everyone you can.
  172. Complete sims fears for the week. Get as many failures as you can.
  173. Dates: Have a really bad date. Then stomp the gift left at the door. (NL)
  174. Have at least one date from each level (great-worst). (NL)
  175. Use the dating social interactions while on a date. The ones in the same area as ASK sim on a date. (NL)
  176. How many love notes (or hate notes) can you collect in one week? (NL)
  177. While on a date, use the karaoke machine. (NL)
  178. Date a vampire, waiter, hostess, cook, Mr./Mrs. Big., or the slobs. (NL)
  179. Have a good date with (your) landlord (AL)
  180. Have a bad date with (your) landlord (AL)
  181. Go on a Blinddate from friend request (AL)
  182. Go on a cheap Matchmaker date. (NL)
  183. Woohoo: Woohoo in bed, hot tub, and/or love tub
  184. Woohoo in a changing booth
  185. Woohoo in the car (NL)
  186. Woohoo in an photo booth (NL)
  187. Woohoo in the elevator (OFB)
  188. Woohoo in tent, hammock 2, or sauna (BV)
  189. Woohoo in closet (AL)
  190. Making Money: Hustle someone at pool. (UNI)
  191. Freestyle for tips. (UNI)
  192. Go to a community lot and play in a band for tips. (UNI)
  193. Perform fire dance for tips. (BV)
  194. Give someone a massage for money. (BV)
  195. Give someone a makeover for money. (OFB)
  196. Make money ONLY from hobbies for a week (FT)
  197. Spend the week selling lemonade from the lemonade stand. (OFB)
  198. Unemployment, everyone loses their job (Elders may retire)
  199. Write a Novel.
  200. Objects: Redecorate a room in your house based on a theme (extreme all rooms)
  201. Counterfiet cash until you get busted. (UNI)
  202. Use the dance sphere. (NL)
  203. Get a car alarm. (NL)
  204. Create one of each item from the Robot Workbench, then use them on your lot. (OFB)
  205. Place 5 of each robot item (except servo) on your lot. Leave them on (running) for 1 week. (extreme 2-3 weeks) (OFB) Hire a butler and see if he will fix the items when they break down. (first try)
  206. Create a servo, then activate him. (OFB)
  207. Create one of each toy (good & bad), then watch your sim as they use it. (OFB)
  208. Join the garden club with the goal to get a wishing well. (Season)
  209. Try to get a lump of coal from Santa. (Holiday Pack)
  210. Decorate your sims house for a holiday. (Holiday Pack)
  211. Put 5 voodoo dolls on a display shelf. Send a sim to view the shelf. (BV)
  212. Buy jewelry and put on your sim. (BV)
  213. Create a Photo Album with the BV album option. (BV)
  214. Place Treasure Chests on your lot.(BV)
  215. Use the genie lamp to make a wish: Peace of Mind, Cheat Death, Long Life, Beauty, Wealth, or Resurrect....
  216. Buy a helicopter.
  217. Buy an object that you don't usually buy and use it.
  218. Clothes: Buy new outfits for your sims.
  219. Have everyone in the families clothes match based on something (color, all have hats, all have glasses, all have makeup, all pirates)
  220. Dress everyone in green for St. Pats Day.
  221. Dress everyone in red,white, & blue for the Independence day.
  222. UNI: Pick a sim to just barely make it through uni. (UNI)
  223. Academic Failure at least one time. (UNI)
  224. Hack grades until you get busted. (UNI)
  225. Start your own Greek house. Pledge people just so you can influence them to do your dirty work. (UNI)
  226. Call to join, then be rude to the Greek house people. Prank them, poke, fight them. Try to make them hate you. (UNI)
  227. Join a Greek House. (UNI)
  228. Tutor someone for money. (UNI)
  229. Be a personal trainer. (UNI)
  230. Get into the secrete society. Then do the wacky shake with everyone you run into. (UNI)
  231. Bonfire Dance. (UNI)
  232. Have a garden while in uni. (seasons)
  233. Go on spring break while at uni. (if it isn't spring call the vacation something else).
  234. OFB Shops: Open a home business.
  235. Close a home business.
  236. Buy a community lot and work it up to rank 10 (or as high as you wish). (OFB)
  237. Dress employees in a theme. Knights, Ninjas, Gorillas, or other. (OFB)
  238. Hire employees to work in your shops. (OFB)
  239. Promote a sim to manager. (OFB)
  240. Call to check in with a manager. (OFB)
  241. Make a customer angry. (OFB)
  242. Hire employees and be mean to them. (evil boss syndrome) (OFB)
  243. Hire a sim to make items on one of the workbenches. (OFB)
  244. Hire a sim, work them until they quit. (OFB)
  245. Win as many Best-Of-the-Best Award as you can. (use boolprop to get the reporter to come to your shop). (OFB)
  246. Get a bad review. (use boolprop to get the reporter to come to your shop). (OFB)
  247. Make massive money with the snap dragon trick. (OFB)
  248. Run a OFB shop that you have never tried before. (venue, restaurant, flower shop, workbench shop, beauty shop, Groc. Store, ..) (another venue with tips)
  249. Try to run a restaurant with only one sim. (have back up help available)
  250. PASS THE PAINTING: Sell custom paintings in a shop. When you visit other playables lot, see if anyone purchased a painting at your shop. (OFB)
  251. Earn 5 top shops with only one shop. (OFB)
  252. Pets: Try to get a pet fired from work.(Pets)
  253. Neglect all pets.(Pets)
  254. Train pets to be bad. Destroy furniture, dig in yard, pee in house. Then give the pet to a playable sim living on another lot.(Pets)
  255. Adopt a bunch of cats but only have one littler pan, one sleeping area, one scratch post. [Extreme: One food dish].(Pets)
  256. Let pets have full run of the lot.(Pets)
  257. Build a pet area for your pets. (Pets)
  258. Have a pet run away who has a collar and doesn't have a collar.
  259. DESIGNATE A PET LOT: This house is now the official pet house. In order to get pets into any other house, they need to come from this family. This lot and its future offspring have the freedom to breed, sell, and give away pets.(Pets)
  260. Call a pet trainer and have them train your pets.(Pets)
  261. Vacation: Buy a Vacation home (BV)
  262. Plan a vacation for a future date.
  263. Plan a honeymoon.
  264. Leave vacation early. (BV)
  265. Send your sim to study when its time to leave vacation. How many times does the shuttle show up and leave before your sim finally gets on the shuttle? (BV)
  266. Go on vacation and stay in hotel or vacation lot. (pick the one you normally avoid) (BV)
  267. Talk to the Unsavory Chariatan (Charlatan). (BV)
  268. Have a bad vacation. (BV)
  269. Invite a guest on vacation. (BV)
  270. Collect a full set of vacation mementos or as many as you can (45). (BV)
  271. Go on vacation and stay in a hotel when you don't have enough money to pay the bill. (BV) *****
  272. Find a new spouse while on vacation. (BV)
  273. Sim gets pregnant while on vacation. (with spouse or a BV NPC)
  274. Enjoy the parade of roses - Sim style. (BV) ***
  275. Vacation objectives based on sims aspiration:
  276. Knowledge Sim - work to max all skills or get abducted by aliens. Learn to fire dance. (BV)
  277. Romance Sim - take 2 or more guests on vacation with the objective to (public) woohoo all of them. (BV)
  278. Popularity Sim - How many best friends can you earn on vacation? Pick fights with other tourists. Have a party while on vacation. (BV)
  279. Pleasure Sim - How many dream dates can you have with locals or tourists? How many unique dream dates can you have (1 dream date per sim), get a massage, give a massage. How many horrible dates can you have while on vacation? (mega challenge - with the same sim) (BV)
  280. Fortune Sim - How many treasure chests can you find during one vacation? How many masterpiece can you paint while on vacation? How many golden fish can you catch? (BV)
  281. Grilled Cheese Sim - talk to locals and tourists about Grilled Cheese Sandwich. (BV)
  282. Family Sim - get pregnant, build sand castle with your kids, learn to cook.
  283. Apartments: Have neighbor watch kids (AL)
  284. Don’t pay rent until you get kicked out. (AL) *****
  285. Have a "block" party.
  286. Get a roommate.
  287. Have a fire in an apartment.
  288. DISASTER CARDS. Major Repo!! Sell ALL furniture.
  289. Mega Disaster Challenge: Earthquake Destroys lot. Live with the most basic items, Small structure for bathroom and infant/toddlers. Use the least numberof items as possible.

Floor Plans for a few houses.

ANY EP: Glitches, Birth Glitch: Baby stuck to moms forehead,


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