Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christmas Tree Fire.

Single, pregnant, mom of twin kids and twin toddlers.

Disaster Challenge: Turn on Christmas tree lights and leave them on.

This is an easy enough challenge. I rated it hard due to an unexpected outcome.
First thing I did was to put in a Christmas tree and turn on the lights.

Nightfall with the lights blinking.
Oh my stavo! Pregnancy ends in a single birth.
The Christmas tree catches fire just before day break. In a few seconds it a big blaze. I placed the tree outside, thinking it would be safer since there isn't anything around it to feed the fire.

It burns quickly. And to my surprise, catches the grass on fire. The only phone in the house is blocked by high flames. I don't have any controllable sims in the house to call the fire department or to put out the fire. I patiently wait for the flames to go out.
The fire continues to spread and doesn't go out. The mom comes home in the family car (photo #1). The only phone in the house has been consumed by flames. The nanny calmly walks into the house. The school bus arrives with the children. The adult mom is the only sim who I can control to put out the fire.
Without prompting from me, she runs to the fire and stands in the next place the fire moves to. Her vintage dress easily catches on fire. She appears in great agony from the flames. (This was NOT part of the plan.) She isn't gone yet, she may stomp out the flames and survive with a hit to her needs. (It could happen.)

To my delight, the flames under her went out. I click on the flame near her and have her extinguish it. She moves behind the tree to an area that has yet to be touched by flames. (Does that seem like a smart move to you? Maybe the sim knows something I don't.)
This proves to be a fatal mistake on her part. The vintage dress seemed to have protected her before. Maybe she will be able to escape the flame. If she could walk one step forward she would be out of danger and standing on the pile of ash. (come on sim, on small step)
The flames seem to swallow her up. The nanny, calmly walks through flames and into the house.

It's over for the only adult sim in the house. She is now ash.
In a matter of a few hours, the children will be taken to the orphanage. I'm at least happy that I have a nanny on the lot. That should buy me some time. Once the flames go out, I plan to move some items into their backpacks. The items will be a nice treat for their next family.
A few minutes later, the nanny walks out the door and is over taken by the same flame that she casually strolled through a few minutes earlier. (shakes head in disbelief)

There is one little flame left. Maybe it will go out soon and I can still stuff their backpacks before the social worker shows up.
No such luck, the fire moves to more grass and the table.
The social worker arrives and takes the toddler in a strange puff of smoke. (Is she a witch?)

She walked through the wall. ODD. The doors are not locked, there is no reason she couldn't enter like normal. I guess she feels she is above the realm of other sims and makes her own door.
The toddler is gone, but his music plays on.
The social worker SLOWLY takes each child, one by one. The fire continues to grow. A visitor walking by decides to watch the out of control flames.

The children are all gone and the flames continue to burn. The last chair has caught on fire and the end table with the stereo.


I learned a very important lesson. Fire isn't something to play with. I know that seems obvious, but it seemed to have caught me unprepared.

This is the final pop up for this lot. At least the pop up is funny.

I'm not sure if kids can plead for love ones. I was caught off guard by the death of the adult sim that it didn't occur to me until it was to late.

This ended up being a fun lot and a fun disaster card. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Blogger Sally said...

Yikes - that's some fire! I had a christmas tree fire indoors once. But from I remember the fire alarm went off and the fireman extinguished it. I'd never have thought an outdoor fire would spread like that.

12:06 AM  
Blogger aerisblue2000 said...

Crikey, that really was a disaster card, but very funny in places. Like you I laughed at the final pop up. Oliver Twist was my initial thought, but then I thought of Annie, and started singing that awful 'Hard Knock Life' song. I'm now doomed, as I know it will now stay in my head and annoy me for days. Great Update, and I've learnt never to leave a Christmas tree lit, unless supervised.

12:13 PM  
Blogger SpongebobTanu said...

haha, i'm glad i dont' have the christmas tree in my game. what a disaster!

1:23 PM  
Blogger Fairy D said...

WOW! I had no ideal the christmas tree would do that.....I am learning all kinds of things today.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Wow that was funny, crazy and sad. Who knew a simple Christmas tree fire could ruin an entire household like this?

12:27 PM  
Blogger Ndayeni said...

That was insane. Interesting how the tree that started the whole fiasco remains untouched in the end and is still standing there as pristine as ever.

3:04 PM  

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