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Family Feud/Disaster (Jar) Challenge Rules

I'm ready to start a new SIM adventure called The Family Feud/Disaster (Jar) Challenge. This challenges is a little different, yet somewhat the same, from other challenges. I started with two single Sims with the goal to populate a town with the most surname for each family line. A simple goal that can turn complicated quickly. [alternate, start with as many different unique surnames that you want. Start with one of the Maxis Neighborhoods. Be creative and make it your own fun.]

Family Feud Rules
Created by JavaJan (8-4-07)
  1. Use any neighborhood you want. Start fresh or use one you have other challenges in (finished or currently working on).
  2. Create Sims and move into any size lot, with or without a structure.
  3. Play each lot about the same amount of time. (one week or one season, two weeks or two seasons... players choice).
  4. Males and females can have offspring or marry any Sim in the neighborhood.
  5. Only Males can pass their family name through marriage. [alternate: only females or the Sim living in the house. As long as it is consistent for both family lines it doesn't matter.]
  6. Females can add to the family line out of wedlock. (strategy) A male from the other family line is encouraged to pick up a pregnant out of wedlock females.
  7. One murder per house per round is allowed.
  8. Game ends when you become bored of the challenge or complete a goal you set for yourself. Such as, but not limited to, 5 generations for one or both surname.
  9. The winner is the family with the most sims with the founders last name. Pick last names not already in your town. (1 pt per sim dead or alive with each founders surname)
  10. Cheats and hacks are players choice. You can use them or not.
  11. The Jar Challenge is the final twist in this challenge and is unique to this challenge. At least, I've never seen it posted in any other challenge and have been wanting to use this option for a while. (explained below)
  12. Need or want more point options? Feel free to add any goal that interest you. Your playing this challenge against the two family lines and not other players. This option allows the individual player to easily add goals or point system that interest them. If you've played several challenges and have mastered IW, plat graves, money point, reaching top of career, avoiding aspiration failure or social worker visits, then repeating them is no longer a challenge. Be creative and make it your own and have fun.

Disaster (Jar) Challenge

Created by JavaJan and Trudy (aka simsation)

Find a jar or container to hold slips of paper. Inside the jar, place slips of paper with challenge suggestions (see below). The slips can contain simple or complex challenges. The objective behind the jar challenge is to give yourself a reason to use game options you rarely or have never used. Pick items that interest you and omit those that don't. If you happen to think of a different twist, feel free to suggest it and I'll add it to this list. If you draw a slip of paper that you can't do on the current lot, put the slip back in the jar or on hold until you can.

Update 8-24-07: If you draw a challenge slip and fail to complete it, the points are in limbo. The first house able to complete the strip gets the points.

See below for ideas for "When to start drawing a challenge strip" and "Disaster (Jar) Challenge Score"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Jar Challenge: List based on Subjects (married, adult, infant, toddler, child, teen, family, food, and more...) This list is longer and has links to slips that have been blogged.

Disaster (Jar) Suggestions for Base Game

1. Get divorced
2. Bankruptcy, delete all but $200
3. Have the biggest house fire that you can manage.
4. Flu - no school/work for 3 days (exception children at risk of SW visit)
5. Move in a townie kid or teen (cheat needed)
6. Sim has an affair
7. Unemployment, everyone loses their job (Elders may retire)
8. Sell all furniture (major repo)
9. Move to a new house.
10. Hands off for one sim day
11. Redecorate a room in your house based on a theme (extreme all rooms)
12. Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, clothes, cars
13. Have a party. Try to have one from each different levels.
14. Have family dance together.
15. Watch your sim eat burnt food.
16. Adopt an infant everyday for 5 days in a row. (move sims out if needed) (Extreme: 7 days)
17. Have twins or adopt two infants. Have at least three nanny's on lot at all time to care for babies. Avoid having playable sims care for babies. If they auto care for babies without any intervention on your part, that's OK. Goal is to try to keep them from caring for the babies. Duration: 1 week.
18. TEEN: Sneak out with a friend. (let them get caught and not get caught)
22. Kill a sim by drowning and keep the tombstone on the lot for 1-2 weeks.
23. Drama Sim: Pick a sim in the house to be enemies with all other sims in the house.
24. TEEN: Make everyone in the house hate one of the teens until they run away from home. Do Not Call Police
25. Married sim: Move in a sim to be one of the spouses future girlfriend or boyfriend.
26. MARRIED with CHILDREN: Have adult sims make out in front of their kids.
27. GOSSIP: Have adult sim have affair in front of one of their kids or other sim but not the spouse. Have a kid or adult who witnessed the affair "gossip" with the other spouse. {Long time ago I read that a sim could learn about an affair through gossip. I've never seen this actually happen.}
28. TEEN: Go steady with another teen. Then cheat on that sim in a way that your caught.
29. TEEN: Get a job and NEVER go to work.
31. HEADMASTER: Invite him over. Feed him burnt or bad food, have a dirty house, homework on the floor, irritate him, prank him. Do whatever you can to have a bad visit. Then invite him back the next night and try to have a good visit.
32. TEEN: Get teens into private school then never go to school. (Can you get kicked out of private school?)
33. BAD DAY: Visit a community lot and pick a fight with everyone you can. (will also work for uni students).
34. Complete sims fears for the week. Get as many failures as you can.
35. OUTING: Arrange an outing. (repeat for the different levels of outings)
37. Kick tombstones. Try to make ghosts mad. Break an Urn
39. Delete all skill building items on the lot.
40. Put all career rewards into your backpack. (EXTREME: Delete all career rewards.)
41. TEEN: go on a date
42. Have a pool party. Throw a regular party and ask everyone who comes to join you in the pool.
43. Try to have all sims eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner together.
44. Spend the week eating only from the buffet table.

Disaster (Jar) Suggestions for UNI

1. Pick a sim to just barely make it through uni. Academic failure at least one time. They graduate with the lowest possible grade and with just enough skills.
2. Counterfeit cash until you get busted.
3. Hack grades until you get busted.
4. Make a zombie sim.
5. Kill a sim by cowplant. (random sim or controllable)
6. GREEK HOUSE: Call to join, then be rude to the Greek house people. Prank them, poke, fight them. Try to make them hate you.
7. Pick a sim with the least creativity skill and have them Freestyle for tips.
8. Hustle someone at pool. (uni or home lot)
9. Go to a community lot and play in a band for tips.
10. Throw the worst possible sports party.
11. Tutor someone for money.
12. Be a personal trainer.
13. Spend the week influencing others to do things. (uni or home lot)
14. Get into the secrete society. Then do the wacky shake with everyone you run into.
15. Start your own Greek house. Pledge people just so you can influence them to do your dirty work.

16. Influence someone to write your term paper
17. Influence someone to do your homework.
18. Influence someone to kiss a random sim
19. Influence someone to prank a random sim.

Disaster (Jar) Suggestions for Night Life

1. Have 12 really bad dates. Lowest possible. Then stomp the bags of poo.
2. Have at least one date from each level of possible dates.
3. Turn a sim into a vampire.
4. Go on a cheap blind date.
5. Spend the week dating lots of sims and using the dating social interactions. The ones in the same area as ASK sim on a date.
6. If you have two sims in the house, have one work on collecting the most love notes and the other the most hate notes. Who will collect the most?
7. Woohoo in the photo booth.
8. While on a date, use the karaoke machine.
9. Date a vampire, waiter, hostess, cook, Mr./Mrs. Big., or the slobs.
10. Spend the week making your sims use as much perfume as you can.
11. Visit 5 downtown lots that you don't normally visit.
12. Send sims on an outing.
13. Pick new turn on and turn offs for your sims. Twist: Pick things you wouldn't normally pick.
14. Get a car alarm.
15. Use the dance sphere.
16. Woohoo in a changing booth

Disaster (Jar) Suggestions for OFB

1. Put green snapdragons at the foot of every bed. Continue for one week or until a sim dies.
2. Delete all pink smoking snapdragons from the lot or any other item that gives a boost to needs. Play without need boosts for the week.
3. Place 5 of each robot item (except servo) on your lot. Do not fix or turn them off if they break down. Leave them on the lot for 1 week. (extreme 2-3 weeks)
4. Make a servo run amok.
5. Send a servo to soak in a hot tub, play in water wiggle, swim in pool, or take a bath. [extreme: send servo to do all of those]

6. Woohoo in an elevator.
7. Try to get a sim to plummet in an elevator.
8. Spend the week selling lemonade from the lemonade stand.
9. If you don't have a home business open one for the week. If you do, close it down.
10. Buy a community lot and work it up to rank 10 (or as high as you wish).
11. Try to get a waitress to dump food or water on you.
12. Toy work bench. If you have never played with the toys made from the bench, take the time this week to make and play with each kind. Good ones and bad.
13. Robot Workbench. If you have never used some of the robots in your game, spend the week using them in your house.
14. Make and activate a servo for the lot. When he gets tired, send him to bed to recharge or recharge in the sun.

1. Dress employees all in a theme. Knights, Ninjas, Gorillas, or other. Pick something you wouldn't normally pick.
2. Hire employees to work in your shops. Reward the staff to boost morale (increase wage), lay off slackers.
3. Win as many Best-Of-the-Best Award as you can. (you may use boolprop to get the reporter to come to your shop).
4. Get a bad review. (you may use boolprop to get the reporter to come to your shop).
5. Make massive money with the snap dragon trick.
6. Hire a sim to make items on one of the workbenches.
7. Buy a business type you have never tried. Flower shop, robot shop, restaurant, game room, beauty shop, budget shop, exclusive shop, or whatever you can dream up. Go to the shop and work it the best you can.

8. Play PASS THE PAINTING - Have your sims paint custom pictures to be sold in an OFB shop. Try to sell them to other playable sims. Its fun to open up the sims backpacks to see what items they collected since you last played the sims. Having a custom painting among the items adds to the fun. [suggestions: (a) a series of paintings that are based on the founder or other sim unique to the household. If you end up doing a "pass the painting" for another household, you may want the paintings unique to each family. (b) A family picture you added to the custom painting option. (c) anything that inspires you] SPECIAL NOTE: There is a chance that a picture will be lost to the game forever. Therefore, don't sell a picture that you don't mind if you never see it again.

Disaster (Jar) suggestions for Pets

1. Pick a sim to become a werewolf. Keep working at it until you accomplish this. (may take more than one week).
2. Try to get a pet fired from work.
3. Neglect all pets.
4. Feed pet from your plate. (I've seen this happen when a sim was standing and eating. There isn't an option to do it, the sim just does. They toss a bite of food to the pet).
5. Train pets to be bad. Destroy furniture, dig in yard, pee in house. Then give the pet to a playable sim living on another lot.
6. Adopt a bunch of cats but only have one littler pan, one sleeping area, one scratch post. [Extreme: One food dish].
7. Let pets have full run of the lot.
8. Run Away Pet. Do what you can to get as many pets as you can to run away from your house.
9. PET LOT: This house is now the official pet house. In order to get pets into any other house, they need to come from this family. This lot and its future offspring have the freedom to breed, sell, and give away pets.
10. Call a pet trainer and have them train your pets.
11. Create a custom painting.

Disaster (Jar) suggestions for Season

1. Get rejected for the Garden Club. (or try to get into the garden club)
2. Neglect all plants for the week. If you don't have any, then add about 12 trees or plants to your lot.
3. Try to get as many bad wishes as you can from the wishing well.
4. Wish for wealth until your sim gets a bad wish. (Extreme until they are killed from the falling money.)
5. Make a hail storm with the weather machine. Then send a sim out to play in the weather. (Extreme: leave one out until they die.)
6. Make an electric storm. Have a sim play in the rain until hit by lightning. (extreme Killed by lightning)
7. Have a sim pass out from heat stroke. (Extreme: die from heat stroke)
8. Have a sim freeze. (Extreme: Freeze to death) [I'm not sure if this is possible]
9. Live on the lawn for a week. You may have a 2x2 bathroom. [Extreme, no structure]
10. Dress your sims for the wrong season.
11. Remove fridge an other food items. Spend a day or so drink water from the wishing well or water faucet.
12. Join the garden club with the goal to get a wishing well.

Disaster (Jar) suggestions for Holiday Pack

1. Try to get a lump of coal from Santa.
2. Shoot off fountain fireworks until they blow up in your sims face.
3. pet a reindeer
4. turn on Christmas tree lights and never turn them off
5. Serve a holiday feast for the whole family. Try to have everyone eating at the same time.
6. Pick a holiday and decorate the house as if it were that holiday.
7. Put in a Mistletoe. Kiss as many people as you can under the mistletoe.
8. Dress up as Santa and/or Mrs. Claus. Kids dressed as elves. Leave them dressed that way until you return to them on the next round.
9. Throw a Happy New Years Eve party.
10. Set off lots and lots of fireworks. (wall crackers, floor fireworks and sparklers)
11. Cook Santa cookies and hope Santa will visit your house.

Disaster (Jar) suggestions for BV (added 2-24-08)

  1. Use Voodoo Doll on Witch Doctor.
  2. Use Voodoo Doll on Bigfoot.
  3. Use Voodoo Doll on the wise old man.
  4. Add soap to the monkey ruins fountain (aka Temple of Jumbok IV).
  5. Put 5 voodoo dolls on a display shelf. Send a sim to view the shelf.
  6. Send a servo to log roll.
  7. Pick a fight with Bigfoot.
  8. Knowledge Sim - Vacation Objective to earn IW. How many days does it take you to max all skills?
  9. Romance Sim - take 2 or more guests on vacation with the objective to (public) woohoo all of them.
  10. Popularity Sim - How many best friends can you earn on vacation?
  11. Pleasure Sim - How many dream dates can you have with locals or tourists? (mega challenge - 1 dream date per sim)
  12. Pleasure Sim - How many horrible dates can you have while on vacation? (mega challenge - with the same sim)
  13. Fortune Sim - How many treasure chests can you find during one vacation?
  14. Fortune Sim - How many masterpiece can you paint while on vacation? (If more than one sim painting, what is the average?)
  15. Grilled Cheese Sim - talk to locals and tourists about Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
  16. Woohoo in the sauna.
  17. Create a Zombie Bigfoot (if possible).
  18. Create a Vampire Bigfoot (if possible).
  19. Buy jewelry and put on your sim.
  20. Watch your sim as he hunts for shells.
  21. Watch your sim as he explores the pirate ship.
  22. Create a Wedding Photo Album with the BV album option.
  23. Stage a death while on vacation.
  24. Have a party while on vacation.
  25. Find a new spouse while on vacation.
  26. Leave vacation early.
  27. Send your sim to study when its time to leave vacation. How many times does the shuttle show up and leave before your sim finally gets on the shuttle?
  28. Go on vacation and stay in hotel or vacation lot. (pick the one you normally avoid)
  29. Go on vacation and stay in a hotel when you don't have enough money to pay the bill.
  30. Talk to the Unsavory Chariatan (Charlatan). Objective is to see if he will pick your pocket.
  31. Have a bad vacation.
  32. Place Treasure Chests on your lot.
  33. Perform fire dance for tips.
  34. Give someone a massage.
  35. Get a massage.
  36. Invite a guest on vacation.
  37. Call and invite a tourist, local, or BV NPC to your home for a 3 day visit.
  38. Collect a full set of vacation mementos (45).

Mega Disasters

1. EARTHQUAKE HITS: You lose half your house and half your stuff. Draw an imaginary line down the middle of the house. The part of the structure without the kitchen is destroyed. In three days, aftershocks hit. Pick one room to survive and everything else goes. [Extreme: you lose it all.... tear down the house and sell all belonging... all career and aspiration rewards too]

2. FIRE HITS: You lose everything on the lot. The house and all your stuff. Insurance drags their feet. They don't address your claim for at least a week. Lucky for you, your neighbors come to your aid and give you a mini fridge, one of each of the lowest cost item - folding chair, bed, recliner, toilet, and sink. They give you one weird extreme item such as a bubble blower, DJ booth, flamingo, or any item you next to NEVER put into your game. Its an item that makes you scratch your head wondering WHY the neighbors gave you that item. [extreme: one sim dies from fire]

3. HURRICANE HITS: Everything is destroyed on your lot. Since your neighbors lost everything too, there is no local aid to help you out. Your forced to wait for FEMA or loot the neighborhood stores. Purchase any 8 items you want from any OFB shop or buy mode. FEMA arrives in one week and you can purchase and rebuild at free will.

4. FLOOD HITS: Delete everything on the first floor and outside. The floors and inside walls are messed up and may need replacing. All items outside were washed away. A few items have washed up, or were donated to you. Buy any three cheap items in this list: Mini fridge, outside cheap BBQ grill, cheap single bed, cheap recliner, cheap toilet, cheap sink, cheapest shower or tub, gnome, or lamp/light.

5. TSUNAMI HITS Lucky for you, your not beach front property. Your inland a few miles. Unlucky for you, the water level is two stories high and you lose everything you own on the first two levels of your house and outside. Floors and walls may need to be replaced. If you had a car, it was washed away. FEMA must be on vacation because NO one sees them. Your forced to risk starvation or loot the town. You head to a community lot. You have to fight for your items. Win 2 dust ball fights = 1 cheap item (x4 total cheap items). Win 4 dust ball fights = 1 any priced item (x4 items). You can buy up to 8 items, but you have to win the fights. Pick carefully, what you buy is all you get for 1 week. (extreme 2 weeks). (alternate - buy any 8 cheap items from buy mode or OFB shop)

6. TORNADO Hits: The house your on is lost, the other lots are based on a coin toss or dice roll. Make a list of all of your playable lots. Get a dice or flip a coin. If you roll even number (or heads) the house is safe. If you roll odd number (or tails) the house is hit by tornado. Each lot that is hit by the tornado will lose the full structure. They are able to sift through the rubble and save any 10 items. [Extreme: 5 items]


How many hidden bunnies, Llamas, or plumbobs can you find in the game? Example....

  1. There is a hidden bunny in one of the freezer food cases that came with OFB.
  2. There is a Llama head on the front of the Pirate ship that came with BV.
  3. There are plumbob decorations on the pool table that came with Uni.

There are many of these hidden in the game. I've been hunting them every since Maxis posted about the bunnies on the sims2 site. It amazes me that I can still find them on objects.

--- --- ---

When to start drawing a challenge strip?
Week 1-2: Insane Simmer. During this time your founder has low skills, low money, and is establishing his/her life. Making the first contacts in hopes for marriage and creating offspring. You have your hands full without extra added challenge, but if inspired go for it.
Week 3-4: Adventurer. Your base lots are established. You may still have little ones under foot. Initial hardships have past. Taking on extra challenge would work, buy could be a struggle.
Week 5-6: Challenge. Your base lots are established. A good time to start drawing extra challenges.
Week ?-?: Bored Simmer. Wait until the lots become boring or start to feel rinse repeat. You may have elders in perm plat who are available to help with offspring. Working adults in the house. Money is no longer an issue. Little to no skills needed for adults. Skill building is mostly limited to school age sims. Little to no challenge left on most lots. Your just putting in the time to finish out some other goal. Time to mix it up and add some twists. You can limit drawing to established lots or draw on all lots. Players choice.

Disaster (Jar) Challenge Score
Jar score is independent from the family line score. The winner of the jar challenge is the family line with the highest jar score or the lot with the highest score.
[SPECIAL NOTE: This part of the challenge can be used along with any challenge your playing. You could start a neighborhood anyway that interests you and add the jar challenge to the set up. It is a very flexible challenge. You can add or subtract from it anyway you wish. Make it your idea fun and not mine.] ;-)
1 pt - Easy challenges. Can complete task in 0-2 sim days or you consider the strip easy.
2 pt - Medium challenges. Can complete the task in 3-7 days or it seems like a medium task to complete.
3 pt - Hard challenges. It takes over 7 days to complete or the challenge was hard to finish.
10 pt - Mega Disasters. - Are listed below.

Thanks for visiting.

---------------- Slip Ideas added 3-29-09 by Trudy ----------------

  1. Sim skips out on bill.
  2. Create a grilled cheese sim.
  3. Have such a bad date you receive a flaming bag of poo
  4. Sim has to live with at least 2 lovers in the same house and have a child with each.
  5. Become a good witch
  6. Become a bad witch
  7. Become a plant sim
  8. Move at least one sim to an apartment and don’t pay rent
  9. Have neighbor watch kids
  10. Have a bad date with landlord
  11. Have a good date with landlord
  12. Marry landlord
  13. Have a “block” party
  14. Buy a Vacation home
  15. Earn all 10 hobby plaquesWrite a novel
  16. Use the genie lamp and make a wish
  17. Fulfill a Lifetime Want for your secondary aspiration
  18. Make money ONLY from hobbies for a week
  19. Hire a butler
  20. Get a roommate
  21. Have a bad reputation
  22. Buy a helicopter
  23. Go on a Blinddate from friend request
  24. For witches: Use Corpus Fleshicus on all other house members
  25. For witches: Use Magus Mutatio on another sim
  26. Become a witch, if not already and use Tabula Rasa on the oldest household member
  27. Cure the entire household of supernatural effects by buying potions from witch

----------slip ideas added 3-29-09 by javajan -------

  1. Have a fire in an apartment.
  2. Death by cowplant.
  3. Death by drowning. (blue)
  4. Death by electric. (yellow)
  5. Death by fright.
  6. Death by satelight.
  7. Death by illness. (green ghost)
  8. Death by old age. (white ghost)
  9. Death by hunger. (transparent ghost)
  10. Death by fire. (red)


Blogger Twoyys4me said...

Looks like you have put tons of thought into this challenge- I'm going to print it out so I can read it through more carefully. Nice job. :)

3:23 PM  
Blogger MizzJulez said...

Hello.. In your round two, I noticed that your had a blue "box" were the challenge you draw was standing in.. How could this be...?

11:56 AM  
Blogger javajan32 said...

Twoyys4m3, Thanks for the kind words.

Mizzjulez, The blue box is a picture of a chance card altered in paintshop. I had other ideas to show the disaster card, but picked this one because it has a very sim look to it.

Thanks for visiting

1:24 PM  
Blogger MizzJulez said...

Oh allright.. But it could really be cool if it was a program.. Then you could push "pick challenge" and then the computer would randomly pick one for you.. Hmmm.. Well anyway, thats all I wanted to know.. Thanks and looking foreward to a new update.. :P

5:31 PM  
Blogger SpongebobTanu said...

hey, i have a nightlife idea:
Sim skips out on bill.

7:19 PM  
Blogger SpongebobTanu said...

hey, i have another one:
Create a grilled cheese sim.

11:56 AM  
Blogger DebC said...

This is a great idea! I love the mega disasters!

6:51 AM  
Blogger BunnyStamping said...

Another idea for nightlife is to have such a bad date you receive a flaming bag of poo. ;)

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good List. Lots of evil things to incluede in a hood.
How about a Sim has to live with atleast 2 lovers in the same house and have a child with each. Takes alot of managing to stop all autoonmous romances espesially with high lightening bolts.
Or a Sim has so many ex spouses and is good friends with them and possibly a child with each.
A Sim gets a positive divorce memory. It is possible oddly it doesn't automatically occur with romance.

4:02 PM  
Blogger DebC said...

Returning to add a question... will you be updating the Disasters for Bon Voyage?

3:14 PM  
Blogger javajan32 said...

Debc ... Good idea, I'll start working on those and add them to the list.

10:42 PM  
Blogger warlybabe said...

wow! you've added to this since I last read it. I'm going to try this one of these days!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Raerean said...

Hi ^^
I found out about this and have just started it, I've added a few more options to my jar from other challenges as well. I feel sorry for my family already, knowing what they have to go through...

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool! these are so well thought out - hope you don't mind, I'm adapting some of these "disasters" for my hood!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Simsation said...
It's a number generator. You can put in the boundaries, in this case there are 173 disaster options including the mega disasters. After you put in the boundaries (1 - 173) it will randomly pick a number for you. I copy and pasted all the disasters to a spreadsheet and took out the titles and blank lines to get the total. So after I pick a number, I check the line number for my new disaster.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Yinakori said...

Haha, not sure if this constitutes disaster, but you could make a slip for CULT CRAZE. Basically, go around to every teenager in the neighborhood and flip a coin. Heads, they escape. Tails, they are swept up in the initiation ceremony (two days of fasting without meditation or leaving the lot for any reason).

The next step is "Dead or Alive", where the cult starts demanding sacrifices. Roll a dice, if the teen rolls a 1 or 2 they die (of whatever death the player chooses)

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


hbxl p ) um 18

11:18 AM  

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